Saturday, March 28, 2009

Japanese green tea, sencha, Hojicha, Gyokuro, Organic sencha, Hon gyokuro, genmaicha

Tea: Sencha
Price: C$8.00 / 50g
Category: 2nd Flush japanese Green tea, Country: Japan
Description: Sencha is the most popular green tea in Japan. The leaf is steamed, dried and rolled. The resulting infusion is a pale, greenish yellow with a high Vitamin C content. Because of it's minimal processing, Sencha is high in polyphenols and chlorophyll. Our grade is also low in caffeine. Take it with meals to aid digestion and to lower your cholesterol.

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Tea:Premium organic sencha
D: JTMS001
Price: C$13.50 / 50g
Category: high Grade first flush Japanese Green tea
Country : Japan
Description: That high quality Sencha organic tea is grown and produced in the region of Mie in Japan without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. this tea is certified by the NOP (U.S. National Organic Program) and OCIA (International organic certification).

Tea: Gyokuro Premium
Category: High Grade first flush Japanese Green tea, Country: Japan
Description: Gyokuro premium, rich aroma of slow toasted high quality of green tea is hard to resist. Transported from the farm to us in vacuum packed bags, it retains a noticeably high percentage of tasty volatile oils. The tea's smooth, full flavor goes well with food. It's also a nice, lower-caffeine coffee substitute, especially in the afternoon.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nouveau arrivage, promotion, out of stock ...

Nouveau arrivage / New arrival/ nouvelles

promotion pour le mois de Avril: frais de livraison C$5.00 seulement pour l'amerique du nord

promotion of the month : Shipping fee C$5.00 for north america clients only....

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01 fev 2009

Pu -Erh en feuille
Pu-Erh en galette

01 Jan 2009
Oolong d'hiver
Dong Ding Jinxuan